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Spain vs Sweden 5-3 Extended Highlights & Goals - Women's Nations League 2023


Spain vs Sweden 5-3 Extended Highlights & Goals - Women's Nations League 2023 #spain #sweden #españa #goals #highlights #womenfootball España 4-3 Suecia ⚽️ Sembrant 1’ ⚽️ Paralluelo 11’ ⚽️ Asllani 14’ ⚽️ Stina 30’ ⚽️ Athenea 51’ ⚽️ Caldentey 78’ ⚽️ Fiamma 81’ ⚽️ Caldentey 89’

Spain vs Sweden | What a Comeback | Highlights | UEFA Women's Nations League 05-12-2023


Spain vs Sweden | What a Comeback | Highlights | UEFA Women's Nations League 05-12-2023 Spain vs Sweden Spain vs Sweden Women Spain vs Sweden Women's España vs Suecia España vs Suecia Femenino Sverige vs Spanien Sverige vs Spanien Kvinnor Nations League Women's Nations League UEFA Women's Nations League Highlights Resumen 05-12-2023

Top 10 Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden - Sweden Travel Video


Sweden, the heart of Scandinavia, has an incredibly rich history and beautiful landscapes. Sweden offers acres of unspoiled forests and majestic lakes to explore. The air and water are crystal clean, the roads and public transport are excellent, and the citizens are among the friendliest people in Europe. As if all that wasn't enough, Sweden boasts an extremely interesting history full of vikings as well. so watch this Sweden travel video, and take a look at the top 10 places to visit in Sweden. Speechelo : 🤍 CREDITS TO ALL VIDEO CLIPS HAVE BEEN GIVEN AT THE END OF THE VIDEO. Contact :🤍 Music Used : Travel With Us - Vendredi : 🤍

Why I Left Sweden!


#ad Go to 🤍 and get 10% off your first month. _ Buy my book OKAY DAYS: Blackwells (FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING): 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Waterstones: 🤍 🤍 Shop my wardrobe: 🤍 _ When you think about Sweden, what’s the first image that comes to mind? Do you think of Stockholm people with a great sense of style and minimalist apartments? Or do you think of Midsommar out in the forest by a lake? I feel like whenever I tell someone I’m Swedish, these are the types of things people point out. Which are all super positive, but of course maybe they’re just being polite and there are negative associations to Sweden too. I talk about: - why i left sweden - why i moved abroad - jante lagen - tall poppy syndrome - trend sensitivity - starting your own business - the swedish weather - the dark winters - the boredom of sweden - having an adventure tiktok: 🤍 find us on instagram ! 🤍jennymustard - 🤍 🤍davidmustard_ - 🤍 _ subscribe to our podcast on itunes : 🤍 spotify : 🤍 _ subscribe to my channel : 🤍 _ fair use of copyrighted material: disclaimer: i do not own some of the material in this video. please note that some images, videos, and copyrights belong to their original owners. no copyright infringement intended. _ Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links which I earn a commission on.

15 Best Places To Visit In Sweden | Sweden Travel Video


15 Best Places To Visit In Sweden | Sweden Travel Video #sweden #swedentravel #swedentourism #traveldestinations Welcome to the journey of the 15 best places to visit in Sweden. Sweden is a Scandinavian nation with thousands of beautiful coastal islands, islets, inland lakes, glaciated mountains and vast boreal forest. This magnificent country borders Norway to the North and West, Finland to the east and is connected to Denmark by a bridge tunnel in the southwestern side. In this video, We'll take you on a virtual journey through Sweden's top travel destinations, showcasing its rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes. Explore the charming streets of Stockholm, the capital city, and discover its iconic attractions like the Royal Palace and Gamla Stan, the old town. Experience the vibrant culinary scene and immerse yourself in the local culture We'll also venture to Gothenburg, a vibrant coastal city known for its charming canals, trendy neighborhoods, and world-class museums. Get ready to indulge in delicious seafood and explore the Liseberg amusement park, perfect for thrill-seekers of all ages. If you're a nature lover, we'll take you to Malmö, a picturesque city that offers a perfect blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Discover the stunning Öresund Bridge, visit the beautiful parks, or simply relax by the waterfront. So come join us this Scenic Hunter’s fascinating journey to find the 15 best places to visit in Sweden. Follow Us On – Facebook: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Thanks for watching! Scenic Hunter Sweden Sweden eurovision 2023 Sweden nato Sweden vs Belgium Sweden eurovision Sweden and turkey Sweden and denmark Sweden apartment tour Sweden beach Sweden beautiful places Sweden beauty Sweden beach walk Sweden best cities Sweden best places Sweden best places to visit Sweden best places to live Sweden best country in the world Sweden beach walk 4k Sweden beaches in summer Sweden beautiful scenery Sweden country Sweden countryside Sweden culture Sweden capital city Sweden camping Sweden documentary Sweden drone Sweden drone footage Sweden drone 4k Sweden droen view Sweden facts Sweden gothenburg Sweden guide eu4 Sweden islands Sweden itinerary Sweden in winter Sweden mountains Sweden most beautiful places Sweden nightlife Sweden nithern lights Sweden travel Sweden tour Sweden travel vlog Sweden travel video Sweden travel tips Sweden travel itinerary Sweden travel 2023 Sweden travel winter Sweden travel summer Sweden tourism Sweden travel guide Sweden train Sweden trip Sweden train ride Sweden travel documentary Sweden vlog 2023 stockholm al jazeera gothenburg sverige al jazeera english quran burning sweden sweden roller coaster mexico vs sweden swede sweden quran burnings austria vs sweden Sweden places to visit Sweden tourism Sweden travel Sweden travel guide Sweden travel video best places to visit in sweden top 15 beautiful places to visit in Sweden nature scandinavia suecia suede estocolmo nordic dream destination living in sweden travel travel sweden sweden tourism visit sweden places to visit in sweden sweden travel video malmo sweden travel to sweden sweden tour sweden best places to visit sweden 4k top 15 beautiful places to visit in Sweden 15 beautiful places to visit in sweden Best places in Sweden Swedish landmarks Travel guide Sweden Stockholm attractions Gothenburg tourism Malmö sightseeing Swedish countryside Northern lights Sweden Swedish archipelago Scandinavian travel Swedish culture Travel tips Sweden sweden joining nato sweden flag sweden roller coaster accident nato sweden nato mice on venus swedish meatballs sweden news minecraft music best places travel video amazing places Best Places to Visit Places to Visit virtual tours Visit In Scandinavia visit sweden sweden tourist attractions travel sweden sweden places to visit places to visit in sweden travel to sweden sverige Malmö Uppsala Abisko National Park Lappland Birka Kungsleden Lake Vättern Ales Stenar Tourist destination top places to visit in sweden top 10 places to visit in sweden best places to visit in sweden Sweden vs usa top 15 beautiful places to visit in Sweden sweden travel visit scandinavia sweden 2023 stockholm gothenburg malmo sweden top 15 sweden sweden attractions sweden places best places sweden scandinavia top places to visit in scandinavia top places to visit in the nordic scandinavian countries nordic countries norway faroe islands iceland finland scandinavia travel guide nordic travel guide

Sweden (not Switzerland)


People all over the world keep mixing up Sweden and Switzerland. To end this confusion, we are now reaching out to Swiss officials. Find out more at 🤍 #sweden #switzerland #swedennotswitzerland 🤍MySwitzerland

Sveriges mest beroende personer


I betalt samarbete med NordVPN. Just nu får du 4 månader extra på deras 2-årsplan om du signar upp dig via min länk. Det är riskfritt med 30 dagars pengarna-tillbaka-garanti. 🤍 - I den här videon träffar vi några av Sveriges mest beroende personer, men det ska inte handla om snus, kaffe eller annat vanligt – utan om Sveriges absolut märkligaste beroenden. Vi träffar Alexander som spelat minigolf sex timmar om dagen – varje dag de senaste sju åren. Det handlar om ett av de vanligaste beroendena man sällan pratar om: nässpray. Jag besöker Clara som ätit ungefär 180.000 tuggummin under sitt liv. Mitt i allt träffar vi Vera som är beroende av lukten av sköljmedel. Och så avslutar vi med Molly som lagt ungefär 10.000 timmar på att se Solsidan. Hoppas ni ska gilla avsnittet! ❤️

How and why I bought a $30K house in Wild Sweden


2024 CALENDARS 🤍 10% OFF code : DANICONNORWILD Netvue website: 🤍 Find a house in Sweden: 🤍 🤍 Wildlife photography in Sweden 🤍 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 #wildlifephotography #story #nature

Sweden: History, Geography, Economy & Culture


Join me as I take a whirlwind tour of Sweden's history, geography, economy and culture. 🇸🇪 Sweden's influence in the world is huge in comparison to its population size. Why is this? What is it in the culture and people of Sweden that makes it so disproportionately influential? In this video I hope to provide the answer by an examination of some facts about Sweden, its history and geography. 🕐TIMESTAMPS🕖 👉 0:00 Opening Montage 👉 0:49 Introduction and Titles 👉 1:49 Origins and History 👉 5:36 Government 👉 6:32 Physical Geography 👉 8:38 Human Geography 👉 10:44 Economy 👉 12:14 Culture and Summary 👉 14:14 Outro Sweden is famous for its Viking past, but less well known is after Gustav Vasa freed the Swedes from the yoke of foreign influence, the power it wielded in the 17th and 18 Centuries was one of the greatest in Europe, in what was known as the Swedish Empire. Today, the is much more peaceful, and has a reputation as an honest broker in peace negotiations through over two centuries of abstaining from war. Have you thought about what it's like living in Sweden? Although being a member of the EU, it has retained its currency, the Swedish Krona. The Swedish economy is very strong and stable, and its companies are known globally, including IKEA, Volvo, Saab, Scania, Ericsson and Spotify. It's culture is one of the most liberal in the world, with personal freedom being of top importance throughout its history. 🌲 If you're interested in travel to Sweden, one should be aware of its climate, landscapes, biomes and geography. Taiga (boreal forest) in the north dominates❄️, mixed forest is in the middle, and broadleaf deciduous forest in the south, although much land in the southern part is given over to farming. The top three cities are the capital of Stockholm, followed by the industrial centre of Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Malmö, which lies across the Øresund Bridge from Copenhagen. - - ❤️ VIDEO AND PHOTO CREDITS ❤️ 👉 🤍 Please support the development of this channel by remembering to 👍 Like, 🔁 Share and 🔴 Subscribe. You can also support the production of series like this by becoming a monthly sponsor with Patreon for as little as $2/month 👉 🤍 🥰 Series Researched, Written, Narrated and Produced by B.J.Ranson Media Procurement Assistance and Spanish translation: Richard Torres You can contact me via the website at 👉 🤍 Or you can send an email via this Youtube Channel page 👉 🤍

Sveriges lägsta VS högsta lön


I betalt samarbete med Handels. Facket för dig som jobbar i butik, lager, frisör och skönhetsbranschen. Blir du medlem idag får du 1 månad gratis med autogiro. 🤍 I det här avsnittet testar jag fem helt olika jobb i fem helt olika lönekategorier. Jag får jag bland annat jobba som barnvakt, barnmorska, flygledare – och så hänger jag en dag med en av Nordens rikaste människor: Petter Stordalen. Hoppas ni gillar klippet!

Sveriges Nationalsång - DU GAMLA DU FRIA


This is a song for Sweden, the country I live in. The beautiful land upon earth that have given me the space to be who I am. The clear sky, the fresh air, the clean water. The green fields and the mountains in the north. I am so deeply thankful for having all this beauty all around me. And for having the fortune to grow up in a place where I feel free. This is my own little version of the Swedish anthem, since today it's the Swedish national day, 6:th of june. I hope you like it! Lots of love and light to you all! ♥ (Since I sing in Swedish you can find the English translation if you lick the CC button) ► MY SOCIAL MEDIA AND LINKS! • My Art & Jewelry Webshop: 🤍 • Merch shop - 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍jonnajinton 🤍 • Wallpaper collection: 🤍 • Facebook Page - 🤍 • Blog: 🤍

Daily life by the Mystic Forest | Winter in Sweden


I'm so happy to be back with a video from my daily life here in the North. We are now in February and the winter is still at it's peak, but the light is slowly coming back to us now. I recorded this video last week and it contains a little bit of everything. Everyday life and work and beautiful winter days. I also started the project of recording sounds every night in the "creepy forest", which is the forest just behind our homestead, and which has been a mystic place ever since we moved here. I also talk a bit about the BEAUTIFUL response I/we got on the previous video with all the messaged from people all around the world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone! ♥ If you haven't seen the video you can find it here: ► My most important video: 🤍 ► MY SOCIAL MEDIA AND LINKS • My Art & Jewelry Webshop: 🤍 • Instagram: 🤍jonnajinton 🤍 • Wallpaper collection: 🤍 • Facebook Page - 🤍 • Blog: 🤍 ► MUSIC We carry on - Yonder Dale Spiral Dynamic - Lama House Appeased Soundscape 03 - August Wilhelmsson Bookmarks - Ever so blue The beginning - Gavin Luke Light in your hand- Sad Moses (Musicbed) Cause - Infinity ripple Morning Fields - Adam Bokesch (Musicbed) Airplane Instrumental - Moony (musicbed) Starry night - Jordan Critz All around us - Amaranth Cove Purple dream - Silver Maple Overlook - Roary (Musicbed) Another World 19 - Johan Hynynen MB01NSWN3BS2X4Z

Sweden vs Switzerland | Highlights | UEFA Women's Nations League 01-12-2023


Sweden vs Switzerland | Highlights | UEFA Women's Nations League 01-12-2023 Sweden vs Switzerland Sweden vs Switzerland Women Sweden vs Switzerland Women's Sverige vs Schweiz Sverige vs Schweiz Kvinnor Suisse vs Suède Suisse vs Suède Féminin Nations League Women's Nations League UEFA Women's Nations League Highlights Résumé du Match 01-12-2023

"Sweden Has Fallen" - Swedish Nationalistic Song


My channel is dedicated to anthems, hymns and patriotic songs, here is the link to our discord server: 🤍

Samir & Viktor - Put Your Hands Up för Sverige (feat. Anis Don Demina) (Lyric Video)


Lyssna på Put Your hands Up för Sverige här: 🤍 Se den officiella musikvideon här: 🤍 Samir & Viktor har under de senaste åren streamats över 160 miljoner gånger och haft stora hits med låtarna "Success", "Groupie” och "Saxofuckingfon". År 2016 medverkade de i Melodifestivalen med succélåten ”Bada nakna” och i år hette bidraget ”Shuffla” och de kom på en fjärde plats, båda låtarna låg #1 på Spotify och blev stora hits. Samir & Viktor jobbar med några av Sveriges mest erkända låtskrivare, turnerar landet runt varje sommar, skriver böcker, medverkar i TV-program och har båda stora sociala kanaler. Även i år ger de sig ut på en stor sommar-turné. Anis Don Demina såg vi i Melodifestivalen i år när han spelade saxofon och shufflade med Samir & Viktor. Anis är YouTube-stjärnan som just nu ligger högt på Spotifys topplista med sommarlåten "Wasted, även hans förra singel ”On My Mind” blev en hit, den har hittills streamat 4 miljoner gånger på Spotify. Följ Samir Badran På Instagram 🤍 Följ Viktor Frisk På Instagram 🤍 Följ Anis Don Demina På Instagram 🤍

Välkommen till Sverige!


Fakta om Sverige i fyra väderstreck. Våra största städer, sjöar, befolkning etc.



NÄR SVERIGE CHOCKAR STORA NATIONER I FOTBOLL #2 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍AllsvenskanProductions För affärer: Allsvenskanproductions.backup🤍 ————————————————————————————————— OUTRO LÅT: Nardn - Gula Väggen 🤍

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Sweden - Just a Brit Abroad


What should you know before moving to Sweden? What are some of the things I wish I had known before I moved to Sweden? What is it really like to live in Sweden? Today, we're talking about moving to Sweden! In particular, what are some of the things that I wish someone had told me about Sweden, the culture and the country before I made the decision to move. We'll be covering cultural differences, holiday habits, the darkness in the winter and lots more. So stick around for the full video and then let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you think these are important things to know before you move to Sweden? And did I miss anything? Let me know down below! Follow me on social media: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 The 5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Moving to Sweden: 1. Being active in Sweden is not a lifestyle choice - its the way of life! And don't get me wrong, not everyone is super active all the time, but people train and look after their bodies on a whole different level to in the UK! 2. It gets dark - no, seriously! You've heard Swedish winters are filled with long, cold and dark days, but did you know that the light pollution is so low in Sweden that you'll need to prepare to experience dark nights like you've never seen before! No wonder its possible to see the Northern Lights! 3. Coffee is basically a human right in Sweden - almost every workplace you go to will offer you free coffee throughout the working day. Same at popular public spots and institutions. Wave goodbye to all that money you've thrown at Starbucks over the years! 4. Everything shuts down in July! - you've heard of the Swedish summer, I'm sure, but did you know that Sweden basically closes down in the month of July? By law, employees are entitled to FOUR weeks of paid vacation back-to-back and you'll find lots of people take up this opportunity! 5. Swedes love to queues! - I thought I knew my fair share about queuing because us Brits are famous for our love of queues as well. But we seriously have NOTHING on the Swedes! Prepare to need to get a kölapp in basically every food, clothes or utilities store you visit! No kölappar - no purchase!! So look out for those red machines! Don't forget to subscribe so you're ready for new videos from me twice a week! And turn on that notification bell, so you're the first to know when there's a new one out! Music by Vlad Gluschenko: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #movingtosweden #livinginsweden #thingstoknow #lifeinsweden, #swedishculture #howtomove #moveabroad Extra Tags 5 things to know before moving to Sweden, you should know this before moving to sweden, 10 things I should have known before moving to Sweden, things I wish I knew before moving to Sweden, things I wish I knew before I moved to Sweden, moving is scary, is moving to Sweden hard, how to move to Sweden, what is it like to live in Sweden, things you should know about Sweden, life in Stockholm, life in Sweden, life in Gothenburg, life in Malmo, life in Malmö, life in the north of Sweden, study in Sweden, things to know before you move, studying in Sweden working in Sweden, living in Sweden, things to know before visiting Sweden for the first time, things you need to know before you move to Sweden, things you should know before moving to Sweden, how to move to Sweden, how I moved to Sweden, why I moved to Sweden, what shocked me about Sweden, culture shocks Sweden, cultural differences between Sweden and England, cultural differences between Sweden and America, Sweden vs USA, how I moved to Sweden, my personal experience of moving to Sweden, why I moved to Stockholm, why I am moving to Sweden, 5 things I like about Sweden, 5 things I don't like about Sweden, 5 steps to move to Sweden, how to live in Sweden

The COOLEST City In Sweden


Gothenburg Sweden Travel Guide, Gothenburg Sweden Tour, Gothenburg Sweden Travel Gothenburg has everything you could want out of a Swedish city. With colorful architecture, vibrant festivals, and its very own fish church, this gem of the north is an undervalued but much loved destination that you should definitely take the time to see. So in that spirit, today, let’s explore Sweden’s second biggest city. Inspired By: 10 Best Things To Do In Gothenburg | What To Do In Gothenburg Gothenburg - one of the world's most sustainable cities Gothenburg Sweden in 4K UHD Best places in Gothenburg - Sweden on a budget Suscribe: 🤍 #Travel #EuropeTravel #SwedenTravel

(Un)Welcome: Sweden's rise of the right | CBS Reports


In this installment of CBS Reports ongoing examination at how migration is reshaping the world, Adam Yamaguchi travels to Sweden to examine how a record influx of migrants has coincided with the recently welcoming and politically progressive nation's swift shift to the right. This documentary was first published on April 12, 2019. #news #documentary #sweden Watch more CBS Reports documentaries that take a deep dive into the key issues driving the national and global conversation here: 🤍 CBS News Streaming Network is the premier 24/7 anchored streaming news service from CBS News and Stations, available free to everyone with access to the Internet. The CBS News Streaming Network is your destination for breaking news, live events and original reporting locally, nationally and around the globe. Launched in November 2014 as CBSN, the CBS News Streaming Network is available live in 91 countries and on 30 digital platforms and apps, as well as on and Paramount+. Subscribe to the CBS News YouTube channel: 🤍 Watch CBS News: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Follow CBS News on Instagram: 🤍 Like CBS News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CBS News on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletters: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍

Mauri möter: Sveriges mest skönhetsopererade person


28 åriga Natasha Crown från Göteborg försörjer sig på sina skönhetsoperationer och har som mål att ha världens största rumpa. Producent: Maja Andersson

How Sweden Is Becoming Insanely Rich


Visit 🤍 for 20% off of a premium subscription. Start learning new skills today! (ad) Sweden has the power to change the shifting global world order. It's secret lies in a very special mine in the North. Sources: 🤍 Music: Adi Goldstein - Emergency Response Ava Low - Chaos Theory Ava Low - Through the Prism Brendon Moeller - Upon Entering Another Realm Brendon Moeller - Following On Craft Case - Cryptozoology Czar Donic - Asteroid One ELFL - My Life in Motion Farrell Wooten - Flourite Farrell Wooten - Our Final Mission From Now On - Rubik's Cube Gettz G - Leaving Traces Gregory David - Corner Store Hampus Naeselius - Those Moments Ian Post - Night Rider Isobel O'Connor - Once in Abundance STEMS INSTRUMENTS Jay Varton - Silent as Smoke John B. Lund - Shadowed Loving Caliber - Burning Room (Instrumental Version) Max Anson - Carabiner STEMS BASS Michael Rothery - Chain of Events Michael Rothery - Turncoat Yi Nantiro - Blue Lantern Yehezkel Raz - RA - Instrumental Version Thinking Musik by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC BY 4.0. 🤍 _ Armchair documentaries, almost weekly

This is Sweden


This is Sweden showcases facets of life in Sweden ‘as is’. From generous paid parental leave and spontaneous skinny dipping to same sex marriages and summers that might turn rainy. #sweden Don't forget to leave a like, comment and subscribe! Then stay tuned on: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Site: 🤍

4. Basshunter - Sverige


From Basshunters LOL album 2006.

Amazing Places to Visit in Sweden - Travel Video


With its rich history and varied landscapes, Sweden is a traveler's paradise. This country offers so beautiful views that they will astound you. You will find fun for all kinds of tourists and interests when visiting Sweden. You can visit remains of the Viking period, megalithic monuments, or buildings from medieval times. However, natural paradises are the most attractive places for many visitors. Are you ready to enjoy beautiful coastlines, lovely cities, snow-capped mountains, ski resorts, glaciers, forests, lakes, and northern lights? Stay with us and discover the best places to visit in Sweden. You will not regret it! Chapters: 00:00 Why visiting Sweden 00:53 Stockholm 01:52 Gothenburg 02:48 Malmö 04:02 Uppsala 05:12 Abisko National Park 06:10 Lappland 06:48 Birka 07:26 Kungsleden 08:07 Lake Vättern 08:57 Ales Stenar 09:36 Places in Sweden #Sweden #Places #travel Footage credits: Swedish Tourist Association (Abisko National Park): 🤍

Yasin - Stockholm, Sweden


Yasin - Stockholm, Sweden Prod: Nicodeemi,Prodbyjackie Mix &master: Rae L’1G Production:DOPEST studios Film & Edit: Viktor Skarbäck Producer: Kristian Icho

The Trade-Raid Empire |The Animated History of Sweden


Get a whole year of Curiositystream for just $14.79 and get FREE access to my streaming service Nebula at 🤍 LINKS PATREON: 🤍 NEBULA: 🤍 THREADS: 🤍 SECOND CHANNEL: 🤍 REDDIT: 🤍 Ancient Bronze Age societies. Vikings raiding and trading to the far reaches of the known world. A powerful maritime empire that ruled the Baltic Sea. It's all here in Sweden #Sweden #history #suibhne MUSIC Epidemic Sound Caleb Hennessy 🤍 🤍

Spain vs Sweden | What a Game | Highlights | UEFA Women's Nations League 22-09-2023


Spain vs Sweden | What a Game | Highlights | UEFA Women's Nations League 22-09-2023 Spain vs Sweden Spain vs Sweden Women España vs Suecia España vs Suecia Femenino Sverige vs Spanien Sverige vs Spanien Kvinnor Women's Nations League UEFA Women's Nations League Highlights Resumen 22-09-2023

Sveriges 7 galnaste bostäder


Lär mer om Lohmanders och såsiologi här: 🤍 I det här avsnittet besöker jag några av de märkligaste och mest spektakulära bostäderna som finns i Sverige. Hoppas ni ska gilla avsnittet! Här kan ni läsa mer om K9-bostaden: 🤍 Här kan ni läsa mer om huset i växthuset: 🤍 Tack till Billy Tang för hans storartade insats, besök hans restaurang Golden Palace i Falun! Och slutligen tack till alla gäster som ställde upp! ❤️

WHY I MOVED TO SWEDEN | Q&A and Mini Updated Cabin Tour (Story 12)


The story behind my solo move from busy London to a cabin in the Swedish forest. I'm answering some of the questions I've been asked a lot these past months, about my reasons for moving here and my plans for the property and the land. You can jump to the questions that interest you most. Just don't miss the final question, it includes my favourite footage ever! (You won't regret it :) ) Q&A: 00:00 Intro 00:32 Why Sweden? 02:35 The back story 05:04 On going travelling (and turning into a hiker) 07:03 On fears 09:28 Moving to Sweden alone 11:06 What's my job? 11:27 How I learned to do technical drawings for my renovation 13:00 What it's been like to do a renovation for the first time 15:36 Living in a renovation and dealing with discomfort 17:28 How I get groceries and other necessities during winter 18:32 On living in the woods alone 19:21 Future plans for the property and myself 21:54 Mini updated house tour 28:20 DO I PLAN ON GETTING A PET? Shot on: Sony RX100 M5A Edited with: Adobe Premiere Rush Music licensed with: Epidemic Sound 🤍 Find me elsewhere: Instagram: 🤍roamingwildrosie Web: 🤍 where I write about walking a lot.

Freddy Kalas - Pinne For Sverige (Svensk Lyric Video)



19 WEIRD THINGS Swedish people do ( that YOU SHOULD do too ) 🇸🇪


#sweden #culturefacts #swedishculture #scandinavia Hi friends 🌸 Growing up in Sweden was fun, weird and culturally amazing. Here are my favorite Swedish cultural quirks that I think most countries should adopt! There tips will absolutely make your life better! Thank you so much for watching 🌺 🥀 Follow along 🤍 Patreon 🤍 🌷 My Essentials for Health 🤍 00:00 Intro 00:21 Scissors to cut pizza 00:41 Separate duvets 01:05 Duvet cover instead of top sheet or blankets 01:54 We spend more time outside 02:35 We don't ask people what race they are 02:48 We don't need to disclose our ethnicity 03:07 We treat children differently 03:44 The one question we ask before dinner parties 04:02 "Whole and Clean" 04:32 We make everything from scratch 05:09 Swedish Fika! 05:47 Co Sleeping is the norm 06:41 Both men and women are feminist 07:00 School is easier 07:32 How we date 08:09 We learn English early 08:31 Most people are not religious 09:40 Jantelagen / The Jante Law 10:11 We don't say "please" 10:48 Why I love Swedish culture 11:49 Bloopers

Saga Ludvigsson sjunger Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight… | Idol Sverige | TV4 & TV4 Play


Alla auditions och massvis av andra klipp från Idol hittar du på TV4 Play! 🤍 Succéprogrammet Idol med en jury bestående av Anders Bagge, Katia Mosally, Alexander Kronlund och Kishti Tomita letar efter Sveriges nästa popstjärna. Prenumerera för det senaste från Idol: 🤍 Följ Idol på sociala medier: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍TV4idol TikTok: tv4idol

Anis Don Demina & SAMI - Flaggan i topp (Sveriges snyggaste mål!)


Flaggan i topp med Anis Don Demina och SAMI är den officiella EM-låten! Landslaget som spelar EM i sommar har gjort en egen musikvideo till låten. Lyssna på låten på Spotify: 🤍 Prenumerera på vår Youtubekanal: 🤍svenskfotboll​ Följ damlandslaget på Instagram: 🤍 Följ herrlandslaget på Instagram: 🤍 Följ Svensk fotboll på Facebook: 🤍 Följ Svensk fotboll på Twitter: 🤍 Du hittar alltid de senaste nyheterna från våra landslag och svensk fotboll på vår hemsida: 🤍



SVERIGE VET 🤍 Artist: Z.E & JIGGZ 🤍officialz.e & 🤍DOON.JIGGZ Production: Straynane 🤍straynane Executive Producer: Team Platina Video and Edit: Luliya Masfun 🤍blockjuicee Disclaimer: This music video is strictly for entertainment purposes. The makers of this video do not condone violence of any kind. And seemingly violent acts portrayed in the video are simply the artist expression. Varning: Denna video är strikt för underhållsåtgärder. Skaparen av denna video uppmannar inte våld av något slag som helst. Handlingar som utförs i videon är helt enkelt musikaliska uttryck.

Lever en dag som Sveriges mest bortskämda person


I det här avsnittet träffar jag några av Sveriges mest bortskämda personer. Eliott från Södermalm, Maja från Gävle och Jesper från Åhus. Hoppas ni ska gilla klippet!

Highlights: Sverige - Moldavien 3-1 | Jesper Karlsson och Gustaf Lagerbielke målar!


Highlights från matchen mellan Sverige och Moldavien som slutade 3-1. I Höjdpunkterna kan man se Jesper Karlsson göra två mål och Gustaf Lagerbielke göra sitt första mål för blågult. Prenumerera på vår Youtubekanal: 🤍svenskfotboll​ Följ damlandslaget på Instagram: 🤍 Följ herrlandslaget på Instagram: 🤍 Följ Svensk fotboll på Facebook: 🤍 Följ Svensk fotboll på Twitter: 🤍 Du hittar alltid de senaste nyheterna från våra landslag och svensk fotboll på vår hemsida: 🤍

Sverige vs Finland VM Semifinal - Målen och avgörande straffarna (SVT)


🤍 Full straffdrama på 221floorball 🤍 använd koden A00 för 3 gratislådor

Why people in Sweden are happier than we are.


In this episode we’ll try to figure out what is the secret of Scandinavian happiness using Sweden as example. We’ll also talk about the economy, local lifestyle, salaries and antidepressants. You will also learn what the Swedish term "lagom" is and why it’s so important. 🔈Music libraries I use: Library with extremely high quality music: 🤍 Library with a huge base and a very wide range of music and sound effects 🤍 🎵Music: Blue Wednesday: 🤍 Tom Fox: 🤍 Melkumyan: 🤍

Vad får man för 1000 kr i Sverige VS Norge?


🤍 Vad får man egentligen för 1000 kronor i Sverige jämfört med Norge? Det försökte vi ta reda på. Är allt verkligen så mycket dyrare Norge? Svaret blev ganska tydligt. Bild på Therese Johaug: 🤍 🤍 Fotograf: Filip Meneses

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